Clinics With Pharmacies (AFF)

Since 2004, Rx Partnership has provided medication in bulk to clinics with licensed pharmacies for them to dispense to eligible patients. Rx Partnership provides critically needed generic and brand medications to vulnerable Virginians at or below 300% FPL who do not have health insurance. This medication access is available to eligible patients at clinics throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By providing access to brand medications from four pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as the most needed generics, RxP reduces a clinic’s pharmacy costs, allows patients to receive their medication more quickly and with less paperwork than when utilizing Patient Assistance Programs. This efficient approach to medication access saves time for the clinic and patient, increases medication adherence and ultimately helps improve health outcomes for a population that cannot afford the rising cost for medication.

RxP_Infographic Mission 2

Medication is donated by a pharmaceutical manufacturer or purchased by Rx Partnership

Bulk medication is delivered directly to participating clinic pharmacies

The clinic provides a medical home for patients where prescriptions are written, filled and provided to the patient along with appropriate educational support


  • Uninsured patients that have completed eligibility screening paperwork at one of the participating clinics in Virginia

  • Patients with a household income up to 300% FPL, however, some clinics may provide some medications to patients up to 400% FPL

  • Patients that live in Virginia

  • Typically, patients are between the ages of 19-64, but anyone without prescription drug coverage may be screened for eligibility


Benefits to Patients

  • Prescription is submitted to an on-site pharmacy and available for pick-up at the same place the patient receives their care – sometimes the same day as it was prescribed

  • Up to a 90-day supply of medication can be provided to reduce transportation challenges for patients

  • Patients can receive education on how and when to take their medication directly from pharmacy staff or the provider who prescribed the medication

  • Unlike at a retail pharmacy, patients are not charged a fee for medication, but may be asked for a donation (regardless of ability to pay, they will still receive their medications)

Benefits to Clinics

  • Ongoing access to a reliable formulary of brand and generic medication – medication is not short-dated or available in only limited quantities

  • Providers can select the days supply depending on how closely they need to monitor a patient – 30-day for new prescriptions or patients who need lab monitoring, or 90-day prescriptions for chronic care conditions that are well managed

  • Stock bottles are on the shelf and ready to fill patient prescriptions – there’s no running out of a medication

  • A simple, electronic reporting and ordering process only needs to be completed once a month

  • There are no charges for medication or shipping fees

  • An annual Participation Fee is assessed to the clinic based on utilization and ranges from just $300 to a maximum of $5,000 for unlimited quantities of medications

  • Rx Partnership provides additional benefits such as training and advocacy

"Rx Partnership is a huge value. Without it, people would be falling through the cracks."

-- Clinic Pharmacy Volunteer


  • Have a licensed nonprofit pharmacy

  • Screen patients annually for eligibility and maintain screening forms and financial documentation for all patients

  • Complete the Rx Partnership Affiliate Application

  • Sign annual Letter of Agreement

  • Have the capability to electronically submit monthly utilization data

Interested in applying?  Please email Kathy David for more information.

Rx Partnership provides clinics with licensed pharmacies access to brand and generic medications in multiple dosage strengths