Clinics Without Pharmacies (AMP)


The Access to Medication Program (AMP) provides critically needed generic and brand medications to vulnerable Virginians at a wide range of health care facilities without a pharmacy across the Commonwealth.

By providing access to the most needed generics, Rx Partnership can help reduce facilities’ overall spend on medication, increase prescription pick-up rate for patients, and ultimately improve health outcomes for a population that cannot afford the rising cost for generics.

RxP_Infographic_ without pharmacies

The AMP Program serves patients up to 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)


Benefits to Patients

  • 90-day prescription promotes medication adherence

  • Unlike a retail pharmacy, if a patient cannot afford to pay, they will still receive their medications

  • Patient isn’t paying variable retail pharmacy costs which can range from $10-$111

"I could not have paid for this medication on my own. Now I don’t have to choose between meds and meals!"

-- AMP Patient

Benefits to Clinics

  • Ongoing access to a reliable formulary

  • 90-day prescriptions

  • Weekly order & delivery schedule to clinic

  • Affordability - $3.00 fill cost per prescription

  • A typical clinic can realize an 86% cost savings over retail pharmacy prices

  • Clinic can ask for a donation to offset cost of program

  • Uses existing eligibility screening process and systems


"This program will enhance our mission. We'll be able to get medications a lot quicker and for a price cheaper than our local pharmacies..."

"Joining the AMP Program will allow us to allocate the medication cost savings to expand and develop new services for our patients."

"This program will help the continuity of care..."


  • Complete AMP profile/application

  • Sign AMP agreement

  • Adhere to AMP Standard Operating Procedures

  • Obtain a Controlled Substance Registration license to be an Alternate Delivery Site with the Board of Pharmacy

Rx Partnership will provide guidance and support with the application process. For more information about the AMP program, please contact Hope Kestle by email (click button below).

RxP’s AMP provides clinics without pharmacies access to brand and generic medications in multiple dosage strengths