Rx Partnership Celebrates Milestone


April 18, 2023


One Million Prescriptions


Partnering with 30 Clinics Statewide to Provide Critical Medication Access


On May 10, 2023, Rx Partnership celebrates the one millionth prescription offered to low income, uninsured patients through its partnership with 30 clinics statewide.


“The success of Rx Partnership means that underserved patients easily access life-saving prescriptions through a local health clinic without having to worry about the cost,” according to Amy Yarcich, Rx Partnership Executive Director. “This important milestone is being celebrated on May 10 by Rx Partnership and the 30 clinic partners around the Commonwealth who connect healthcare and medication with patients in need – making it possible for individuals with chronic conditions to live, work and enjoy a healthier life with their families.”


Rx Partnership (RxP) is dedicated to increasing access to medication for vulnerable patients in Virginia. Working via a network of 30 free and charitable clinics throughout the state, RxP coordinates the distribution of low-cost or free brand and generic medication to adult, low-income patients without insurance, regardless of ability to pay. RxP is a critical part of the health safety net—providing medication to clinic partners of all sizes, including clinics with and without licensed pharmacies.


Since its founding in 2004 when the organization pioneered an entirely new approach to medication assistance in Virginia, Rx Partnership has provided more than $285.5 million in free medication and reached over 82,642 low-income, uninsured people throughout Virginia. In total, Rx Partnership has helped fill more than 1 million prescriptions and will continue to strategically address the ongoing challenge of affordable medication access for as long as needed. While access to care has improved since Rx Partnership’s founding with less people uninsured in Virginia, the rising costs of medications mean that RxP’s services are needed now more than ever.