Letter to the Editor: Rx Partnership tremendous value to Bradley Free Clinic

The Roanoke Times- 

Did you know that even with Medicaid expansion, there are still thousands of people in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas who do not have health insurance and cannot afford their medications? So many individuals in our community decide not to pay for much needed medications because they need to pay for food and shelter. Fortunately, there is hope at the Bradley Free Clinic pharmacy.


There is an extensive inventory of medications at the pharmacy for acute issues and most chronic disease states, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD and others. Last year, pharmacy staff and volunteers dispensed medications valued at almost $3 million. And these medications are available to Bradley Free Clinic patients at no charge.


While most of the generic medications are purchased by the clinic, the more expensive medications are available because of the generosity of various pharmaceutical manufacturers’ Patient Assistance Programs. Through these programs, the staff at the Bradley Free Clinic pharmacy can obtain these medications at no cost. This makes medications such as inhalers and insulins, along with many others, available for clinic patients.

Through the affiliation with RxPartnership, the medication assistance process is streamlined. Because of required paperwork and approval processes, medication assistance medications can take up to six weeks to arrive. With RxPartnership, patients can get many of these medications the same day. This is a tremendous benefit to the health of Bradley Free Clinic patients and other free clinics throughout Virginia. The RxPartnership staff turns every dollar donated into $45 in medications to patients. Last year alone, RxPartnership provided $24 million worth of medications to those who could not afford to pay. We are truly fortunate that Rx Patient Assistance Programs like this are accessible in our community. Thank you RxPartnership.





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