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RxP's Continuity of Operations During COVID-19

Rx Partnership understands that we are in an unprecedented public health emergency which impacts all of our operations in some way. In order to ensure vital prescriptions are still provided to patients in need despite the disruption that COVID-19 is causing, RxP would like to make sure that our partners are aware of some important updates:

  • Limiting Exposure

    In order to comply with CDC guidelines and recommendations of social distancing, RxP staff is working remotely and transitioning any in-person meetings to phone calls or virtual meetings.

  • Maintaining Accessibility

    Staff is still available for board members, donors and clinic partners via email, phone (voicemails left on our office numbers are routed to our email inbox) and if interested, virtual meetings.

  • Assessing Environment & Creating New Solutions

    Staff is still meeting virtually twice a week and working diligently to assess the situation and create new ways --such as options to pick-up/deliver medications to limit contact-- to ensure that our clinic partners and their patients are receiving vital medications.

  • Creating New Programs

    Rx Partnership is committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable Virginians (and the clinics that serve them!) have access to affordable medications to treat chronic conditions. RxP piloted a new program that mail prescriptions directly to patients' homes instead of patients having to pick-up their medications from the clinic at NO COST to either the clinic or the patient.

  • Extending Patient Eligibility

    RxP has contacted our medication partners and extended current eligibility for an additional 3 months for any patients whose eligibility expires during the current COVID-19 crisis.

  • Checking Mail

    Staff created a process to ensure mail is still being checked consistently with appropriate follow-up.