Rx Partnership Launches New ‘Access to Medication Program’ to Address Generic Medication Access Challenges for Low-Income, Uninsured Patients

Recognizing the increasing difficulty uninsured, low-income patients have affording generic medications to treat their chronic conditions, Rx Partnership created a new, innovative program that focuses on dispensing generic medications to patients at Virginia free clinics and health centers. 

Fredericksburg, VA – (April 5, 2017) Rx Partnership, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to supporting access to medications for the uninsured, launched a new program that focuses on helping patients at free clinics and community health centers receive free or low-cost generic medication to treat a variety of chronic conditions.  Rx Partnership’s Access to Medication Program (AMP) centralizes pharmacy services to reduce cost and create efficiency, allowing more uninsured Virginians to access the medications they so desperately need.

While Rx Partnership has successfully managed a brand medication access program for licensed pharmacies for over a decade, the new program addresses the growing need for affordable generic medications that are not currently available through patient assistance programs. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that 80% of prescriptions filled in the United States are for generic drugs.  Rx Partnership’s AMP provides critically needed generic medications through a network of facilities serving low-income, uninsured patients across the Commonwealth, ensuring that patients can afford to fill their prescriptions and manage their chronic conditions.

“Rx Partnership created AMP to alleviate the financial burden that generic medications can create for both clinics and patients,” said Amy Yarcich, executive director of Rx Partnership. “Currently, either a clinic bears the cost of the prescriptions for patients which impacts the clinic’s ability to provide other needed medical services, or patients are faced with choosing between filling their prescriptions and managing their bills like rent, utilities or purchasing food.  This choice for patients can result in risky behaviors such as splitting pills or skipping doses which can lead to costly emergency room visits.”  By providing reliable and consistent access to medications, Rx Partnership hopes to increase adherence for patients which helps prevent absenteeism at work, worsening of medical conditions and costly emergency room visits.  The lack of medication adherence is estimated to cost the United States’ health system an additional $290 billion annually.

Rx Partnership’s April launch of AMP is the first step in a phased approach to ensure long-term sustainability and program growth.  The organization will be working with Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic’s pharmacy to dispense the medication to sites across Virginia—the first being Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Rx Partnership has plans to onboard and expand to additional sites on July 1, 2017.

“Being a part of this program means that the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic can decrease the amount we spend on medications while still ensuring that our patients have access to the medications they need,” said Karen Dulaney, executive director of Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic.  For more information about Rx Partnership’s Access to Medication Program, visit www.rxpartnership.org




About Rx Partnership

Founded in 2003, Rx Partnership is an innovative public/private partnership created to increase access to free prescription medications for Virginia’s vulnerable populations by obtaining donated medications in bulk from pharmaceutical companies and arranging for distribution directly to nonprofit, licensed affiliate pharmacies that it credentials and monitors.  Since the organization’s inception, more than 68,700 patients have received medications valued at over $150 million as a result of the Rx Partnership’s relationship with five pharmaceutical manufacturers and 20 Affiliate Clinics. The organization receives annual financial support from the Virginia General Assembly to support operations and private funds from foundations, corporations, and affiliate fees.  Rx Partnership launched a new program in April 2017 called the Access to Medication Program (AMP) to address the current challenges of procuring generic medications for low-income, uninsured patients.  For more information, visit www.RxPartnership.org.


About Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic

The Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic provides vital health care services to a diverse mix of residents of Fredericksburg, as well as Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford counties who share the common need for access to affordable, comprehensive health care. Founded in 1993, the Clinic is recognized as in integral part of the health care system in the Fredericksburg region. The Clinic is a privately operated non-profit organization deeply rooted in our community and governed by local citizens and leaders representing a cross-section of our area.  For more information, visit www.MossFreeClinic.org.